Keeping Fit

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The fitness industry is worth millions and gyms and stores are abundant in this world we live in. So why are we suffering ever more diseases and ill health when we have,on our doorsteps, so many facilities at our disposal?

So getting or staying fit is not rocket science it is simply the art of playing.Whether we play with our body by running, yoga or simply walking. Or whether we use things; bicycles , weights or a splash in the pool. All we are doing is playing and that play is the joy of movement and the pleasure of keeping our body happy and functioning.

If you struggle with your health and fitness this is the place to come both for guidance and inspiration. Simple instructions to find the workout that suites your needs that are safe and functional. Perhaps programs that you have never considered before or a helping hand to rediscover a past passion that you left behind.

We offer a fresh and new approach to finding your way back to or simply enhancing you fitness goals.

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