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Lee Kennedy MD PhD

Lee is a physician who specialises in endocrinology (hormones), weight management and general (internal) medicine. His approach to patient care is both integrative and holistic. In his medical practice, he aims to combine patient preference with up-to-date medical information.

Lee combines conventional evidence-based Western medicine with nutritional and lifestyle approaches to managing health. Lee trained in the United Kingdom at the universities of Edinburgh, Cambridge and Sheffield. Since moving to Australia in 2005, he has been Professor of Medicine at James Cook University in Queensland and at Deakin University in Victoria.

He has a strong track record in medical research and has published extensively. He holds two research-based doctorates, both relating to his research on the thyroid. Lee is a member of the Endocrine Society and recently completed a certificate from Bio Balance Health in nutritional medicine.

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Gordian Health

Gordian Health was founded by Fiona and Lee Kennedy in. 2013. We saw a need for a new approach to helping our clients with their health and fitness. We wanted to make use of our training and experience in nursing, medicine, fitness, nutrition and project management.

Our approach is client centred and enabling. Evidence-based wherever possible and integrative – using knowledge that cuts across many disciplines. It is not just about the two of us trying to help you get the best of your health. It is about working with other partitioners who are also trying to help you and about introducing you to our associates when we think that they may be able to help you.

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